Manna DR Children's Home

At Manna Global Ministries we want to create “a path of love and service” for everyone who has a passion for God, God’s family, and helping others.  Simply put, that means we strive to make room for anyone willing to put those passions to work in Haiti, Africa, or the Dominican Republic.


Since MGM came together from several smaller Christian foundations, we have come to recognize the exponential value of doing God’s work united as one.  We are healthier, more alive, and more effective.  As one, we are passionate about telling how God has moved in our lives.  As one, we are convinced He wants to use us to make a huge difference in every life.  We love the family God has blessed us with, but we will never be satisfied unless we are joined with God in adding more and more to his Kingdom of Light.


God has shown himself through Jesus in a real and tangible way.  If we follow the example of Jesus, there’s so much opportunity to grow, learn, love, and serve.  We want our mission to reflect a real and honest experience with God.  We’re not looking to serve traditional, man-made models.  We’re looking to follow God’s model.  We’re not satisfied with words.  Rather, like Francis of Assisi suggested, we want to “preach the gospel always…using words if necessary”.  We want our devotion and our understanding of God’s grace, to be spread to everyone.  And, we want to do it in the Jesus-style of loving and serving.


The more you serve, the more you receive, far more than you could possibly give.  We love finding people who are just waiting to find that unique service spot on our team, the spot for which God has been preparing them for a lifetime.  And, at just the right moment, when their passions and abilities and love come together with a unique place in our family, it’s beyond incredible.  We just stand back in awe!